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Alteration of Immune Metabolism Restores Memory at Old Age


What is a scary but perpetual process that every living organism goes through? Ageing! We become aware of it from a very young age– looking at people growing older, having reduced quality of life, and forgetting things. We have always flirted with the idea of youth till death through works of art, whether it is mythology, literature, or films. Scientists have been working towards understanding the aging process and increasing the longevity of human life since the dawn of medicine. And they have succeeded to a large extent! Today, the average world life expectancyis almost double of what it used to be in a century ago.

When we talk about increasing the years of a human’s life, we barely give attention to immune cells. Today we are going to look at how aging affects the immune metabolism of brain cells leading to their reduced function, and the potentiality of…

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