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Are COVID vaccines still safe? Blood clots, the mystery behind them, and the solution.


The light at the end of this dark tunnel (the year 2020) is finally visible, as large scale vaccinations are in progress. Whether one stayed at home or worked endlessly to bring this pandemic to an end, our team work has contributed to end the terror. Unfortunately, a new hurdle arose in the battle against COVID19- the blood clot formation as a side effect of some vaccines. First reports of the blood clots came from Europe where Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine was being administered on a large scale. Despite of being an extremely rare side effect, the occurrences of blood clots promptly led to pauses and changes in vaccination strategies in many EU nations. Recently, Johnson & Johnson vaccines were also found to have a similar side effect (again, extremely rare) in the US too. Both these vaccines are different from the two other titans (Pfizer and Moderna) in their mechanismsā€¦

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