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Stopping Malaria at Its Source


Author: Kevin Merchant

This generation has experienced how a novel pathogen can cause a pandemic leading to turmoil, destruction of life, and deterioration of living conditions. What about pathogens that have been in our environments for decades?Malaria, spread by mosquito bites is prevalent throughout the equatorial regions (Sub Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America) and also occurs in temperate zones at lower rates. Unfortunately, we have seen that global warming can shift mosquito habitats by facilitating warm and humid conditions, risking its spread and infection worldwide. Currently, about 229 million cases of Malaria occur every year, leading to ~400,000 deaths worldwide. Symptoms of Malaria include high fever, headaches, intense chills, and in serious cases, jaundice, anemia and even death.

Let us dive into the modus operandi of Malaria and how a vaccine development strategy from Tripathi and group from John Hopkins University can help to curb it.

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