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The COVID-19 Research Rundown


The grim COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of stopping, with the Delta variant bringing new waves of infections across the world. Thankfully, the vaccination efforts are running on full throttle leading to rarer cases of adverse effects, at least amongst the vaccinated crowds (1). And now that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine has been approved by the FDA, there are not many excuses left to not be vaccinated.

On the other hand, scientists continue to extensively research meticulous aspects of the virus, revealing discoveries that are relevant to biologists and/or the public. Here, we have compiled a rundown of recent COVID19 news & research articles.

Delta & its superpower

The Delta Variant has dominated the COVID cases across the world and is still spreading rapidly. Its mutations make it 40% more efficient than the alpha variant and various studies may have figured out the secret in the change of functions that…

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