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A Way Through the Crowd: Motility of macrophages in a dense microenvironment


Macrophages- the most versatile and multipurpose cells of the immune system- scavenge away pathogens and sick cells to protect us from diseases. We have previously mentionedhow macrophages also happen to be present in almost every tissue to perform this very function. Most of the immune cells continuously circulate in the blood, but in a time of need, reach the site of infection/damage as soon as possible. Have you ever imagined what would have happened if the circulating immune cells could not migrate to your fresh wound when you got hurt? It would have taken no time for the infection to get spread throughout the body. Hence, without a doubt, motility is an important aspect of immune cells. From extensive studies, we know that immune cells squeeze through vessel walls (diapedesis) and travel towards the site, attracted by chemokine gradients, a process termed chemotaxis. In most studies, an assumption hasā€¦

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