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On the Cutting Edge: The OMICS Generation


The last two decades have seen rapid development in almost every aspect of human life, and the field of biomedicine is no different. By the time the Human Genome Project concluded, the field of genomics had already observed a steady drop in the cost of sequencing. In years that followed, the technology developed rapidly, and the costs dropped to such a large extent that couldn’t even be explained by Moore’s law. Today, we live in the ‘OMICS generation’ where the use of sequencing has expanded beautifully to all the central dogma – Genomics (DNA), Transcriptomics (mRNA), Proteomics (Proteins), – and more, like Epigenomics (Epigenetics) & Metabolomics (Metabolites). All of this is happening at a very high resolution – at the single cell level – giving unprecedented insights into biology & medicine.

The use of methods that generate massive amounts of data has inevitably led to huge interdisciplinary collaborations amongst scientists…

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