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About Me

The Biologist

I completed my BTech in Biotechnology at SRMIST, India and during those 4 years, interned at Kyoto University & Uppsala University (for my thesis). I am now in the Masters in Human Biology Program at LMU, Munich.
Immunology is one of my areas of interest along with studying microenvironment niches where various systems intersect. I have worked on macrophages in the context of neuroimmunology & autoimmunity; dendritic cells in development; and T cells & angiogenesis in Atherosclerosis. For my Master’s Thesis, I am working in the field of Lung Fibrosis & Drug Discovery, leveraging OMICS analysis, and Deep Learning.

I have been writing articles on the latest developments in Immunology as part of the Antibuddies Blog team. These articles also appear on my Homepage.

The *Writer*

I love reading literature that is in general, about life and perspectives on life, and as a ~writer like to focus on the same.

I’ve been fascinated and to some extent obsessed with Philosophy. My fundamentals are grounded in a mix of Sartre and Beauvoir’s Atheistic Existentialism and Camus’ Absurdism. I feel the Existentialist system is still very relevant and love to apply it in today’s context – against modern problems.
I also have a bone to pick with what we consider cultural and societal norms (without analyzing them) and in a similar context, how we use words & language.
I also take great interest in the Political Theory of the Left along with the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory.

I am constantly coming up with stories and jotting points down, usually in the genres of literary/philosophical fiction and magical realism which seldom transpire onto paper.
Aside from writing about serious dramatic topics I enjoy writing horror/thrillers.

I’m usually drowning in Writer’s Block and conquering it is a constant battle that I fight.

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