About Me

The Biologist

I completed my BTech in Biotechnology at SRMIST, India and during those 4 years, interned at Kyoto University & Uppsala University (for my thesis). I am now in the Masters in Human Biology Program at LMU, Munich.
Immunology is one of my areas of interest along with studying microenvironment niches where various systems intersect. I have worked on macrophages in the context of neuroimmunology & autoimmunity; dendritic cells in development; and T cells & angiogenesis in Atherosclerosis.

I have been writing articles on the latest developments in Immunology as part of the Antibuddies Blog team. These articles also appear on my Homepage.

The *Writer*

I love reading literature that is in general, about life and perspectives on life, and as a ~writer like to focus on the same.

I’ve been fascinated and to some extent obsessed with Philosophy. For a long time, my fundamentals have been grounded in a mix of Sartre and Beauvoir’s Atheistic Existentialism and Camus’ Absurdism.
I have a bone to pick with what we consider cultural and societal norms (without analyzing them) and in a similar context, how we use words & language. Hence, I take great interest in the Frankfurt School’s work too. Learning about Art History has inclined me towards exploring the Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, which I’d love to do in near future.

I am constantly coming up with stories and jotting points down, usually in the genres of literary/philosophical fiction and magical realism which seldom transpire onto paper.
Aside from writing about serious dramatic topics I enjoy writing horror/thrillers.

I’m usually drowning in Writer’s Block and conquering it is a constant battle that I fight.

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